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History of the BBQ Factory and Tucker Australia.

The BBQ Factory has been a family business for over 25 years and its founder Gerry Brown was a pioneer in gas BBQ design. Gerry designed brass fittings to integrate Primus, Companion and the relevant gas cylinders and camping accessories together back in the seventies.

He developed a large range of LP gas accessories under the banner of Cook On which is still around today. Gerry sold that business and after a few years he started to build a range of gas and charcoal BBQ’s for Aussie backyards. In the late 80’s Russel Whittaker joined Gerry and together they designed BBQ’s for people who lived on the beaches. They focused on durability as their market was on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

They made products such as Tucker Boxes, Tucker Grills, Master Cooks, Club BBQ’s, Dinner Boxes, Tucker Mates, along with
many other various brands.

Every year they would develop something new for the Aussie BBQ market.

They found that their testing grounds on Sydney’s Northern Beaches were perfect for developing strong, reliable and resilient BBQ’s.

Over time as weather conditions and heat fatigued their products, they found there was a need for quality stainless steel BBQs and the boys started to build Tucker as a brand of products.

Customer’s requirements became more complex and design was being pushed by the market. This is how Tucker puoducts were created and how the range developed.

Tucker is 100% Australian owned and run.

Design is customer driven and continues to break new ground in development.

Unlike other companies the boys have been developing BBQs for over 25 years, and have found there is a market for quality. They said, "Let’s not bother to make price point BBQs as they don’t make the customers happy in the long run, Let’s try to make BBQs that people want and need in this harsh area. Let’s not worry about the cost of manufacturing and what the products will sell for, let’s just make good BBQs”. Even today the same ideals are still inspiring the entire product range. We manufacture and sell direct to the market and cut out the middle man which enables us to deliver the best quality BBQs and service direct to the consumer through our company owned stores.

We are dedicated to making quality products and offer great back up service.

Sydney is our number 1 market and we service it all from our outlets and our distribution centre at Silverwater.
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